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Have you met your annual requirement for Confined Space training yet? We at the EAST Company would like to help you.

The EAST Company's Permit-Required Confined Space Course is designed to meet the training requirements of general industry employees working in confined spaces.

We tailor this class for your specific company needs and types of confined spaces. Participants will learn about the specific requirements of the OSHA/Cal-OSHA standards including:

Entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, and rescue and emergency service personnel roles and responsibilities are also covered.

Specific confined space topics include atmospheric hazards and engulfment hazards - to physical hazards including, pipelines and electrical hazards among others.

Specific requirements of Permit-Required Confined Spaces and Non-Permit Required Confined Spaces will be covered in the scope of training.

Participants are provided with the course manuals, handouts, the DOT North American Emergency Response Guidebook.

Topics included in this 8-hour course:


Confined Space Supervisor Level Training (8 hours)
Employers are required by OSHA to assess all confined spaces, evaluate their hazards and prevent unauthorized entry. This program provides attendees with critical knowledge of the hazards associated with confined spaces. The EAST Company will provide awareness training and review compliance elements associated with Federal and State confined space regulations. Successful completion of this class does certify employees to enter permit required confined spaces.


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